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High speed cut (100 business cards/minutes), Creating post card, flyers, Creating perforating, scoring line on paper and more.

ProsCut PCM-15W, offers up to 15 different of cutting mode applications and a variety of 13 optional slitter cassettes. Not just a business card cutter, the ProsCut PCM-15W, is ideal for post cards, coupons cards, tickets, etc.

Our technologies of cutting

The ProsCut PCM-15W has both vertical and horizontal cutters inside of the machine.

Mechanism of cut seen by video

1. About the length of the card and the choice of the cut mode

Built in guillotine cutter inside of the machines is processed to cut A4 size paper. Card length is controlled by distance which the rollers conveys the paper. The program which controls motions of the conveys the paper. The program which controls motions of the conveyor is called "Cut Mode". Card Length for Type 4 name card is 55mm. In the case of Type 4 name card, the roller conveys 55mm in each conveyor motion.

14 types of cut mode Besides name cards, when cutting post card (148mm) or flyer ( 283mm), you may switch over to different Cut Mode to choice Card Length. 15 cutting modes are available.You are able to switch from Single Cut to Double Cut when choosing the Cut Mode option/application. By selecting the Double Cut Mode option, you are able to avoid those unwanted strips along the cutting lines on the bleed section.

2. About card width and Slitter unit

Business Card Slitter PM86 The Slitter Cassette controls the width of card while the built-in round blade inside the Slitter Cassette vertically cuts paper at the exact same width as the roller feeds the paper in. ProsCut PCM-15W comes with PM85 Slittter Cassette pre-attached in the machine which is commonly used for business card production. (PM-85 Slitter)

The cut white margin on both left and right edge of the paperand white margin in center of the paper into two lanes of 91mm width.In this case, 55mm Card Height cut by Built-in guillotine cutter is subsequently cut by Slitter Cassette into two kabes of 91mm width to produce Card Width 55mm Card Height 91mm business card.

The PM-15W offers up to 13 optional Slitter Cassettes for various applications such as Post Cards,Flyers, POP Sheets, Card for Pocket Tissue as well as different size options. Slitter Cassettes for perforation and scorling are also available for producing tickets, coupons and foldable point cards.

Perforation Processing Coupon Folded Folding Card

3. On the proper use of single cut and double cut

Of the 15 Cut Mode options to choose from, Mode 1,2, and 3 are for business card applications and each mode provide the exact same card width of 55mm and different size margin in between each row. Business cards with white or single color background you opt to choose the Mode 1 with the Single Cut. For those designed at the far edge of the print, you are able to opt for the Double Cut.
Mode 3 ( Horizontal margin 3mm) is recommended over Mode 2 (Horizontal margin 2mm) in using Double Cut. ※1.

Business Card Single Cut

Cut mode 1

Mode 1 for Single Cut no horizontal margin

Example design for Single Cut. Single Mode for white (Single Colored) background card in using Single Cut.

Business Card Double Cut

Cut Mode 3

Mode 3 for Double Cut 3mm horizontal margin

Example design that requires double cut No margin on both upper and lower edge.
Borderless design.
Points of distinction
Prolonging the lifetime of the blades is essential so please operate Single Cut (cut mode1) for single color background paper and Double Cut for paper which has multiple different background colors.
As double cut = two times and a double difference appear single cut =one time the cut number of times between the card, a blade lasts a long time single cut; economical.

*1 : Mode 2 (double cut) is an emergency refuge mode when is short of a business card design in the print impossibility domain of the laser printer.

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