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Easily create business card in 3 steps
Easily create business card in 3 steps
Low cost reason

PROSCUT is a system that dramatically reduces labor and delivery time, as well as cost, by printing and cutting 10 business cards on A4 paper at the same time . The cost of 100 business cards is about 500 yen for two-sided color ! ! * 1
Here, I will show you what traditional business card creation method is, and what merit will be created by replacing it with PROSCUT .

* 1. Order from a business card specialist

It is a case of ordering external to a printing company or business card shop.
100 business cards ......... about one thousand yen to three thousand yen in one side color
......... about 2,000 yen to 4,000 yen in double sided color It
takes a few days for delivery and a minimum of 100 sheets Order is necessary.
The risk of security by putting out data outside the company.

2. Print on commercially available business card paper (cut off by perforation)

It is a method of printing on a business card paper on the market that can be separated into business card size along perforation.
Paper cost ... About 300 yen ~ 500 yen (10 sheets / business cards 100 cards)
100 business cards ... about 700 yen ~ 900 yen with double sided color.
Cost is expensive as the paper cost is high .
Moreover, the trace of the jagged cut remains, and quality is not good as a business card handed to an important customer .

3. Use of business card dedicated printer

It is a method of printing one by one with a business card dedicated printer using a mount cut in advance in business card size .
The ink ribbon type can not print full color, and it costs ink replacement cost as well as ink jet type cartridge.
Moreover, it can not deal with marginless printing, so there are restrictions on the design side.

Even if you compare only the cost / function of business card creation, there is only this difference.


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