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For any questions, refer FAQ (Frequently asked questions) or Support Videos. Please read “Instruction Manual” or “Business Card Manual” available on the download page. Please use the below “Inquiry Button” if the problem persists. For “Repair Request”, download the “Repair Request Form”, fill the required items and request by Fax.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

質問Does the machine support features from printing to cut finishing?


No, it does not print. This machine cuts and finishes the layout and paper printed by your personal computer or laser printer.

質問Is the application software included?


No, the application software is not included. The customer will have to arrange for the software.

質問Is it easy to operate?


Yes, please read the Instruction Manual for easier operation.
For any questions, contact our agent or distributor in your country.

質問Is installation easy? Is there a mentor's guidance / explanation?


Because it can be installed easily in about 10 to 15 minutes, we ask you to install by yourself. Instruction and explanation by manufacturer visit is not carried out. Products will be delivered by courier in the condition packed in cardboard. Please take out 3 points of power cord, business card acceptance, paper feed tray support, stored in the margin box at the bottom of the product, Please refer to the instruction manual of the CD supplied with this unit.

質問What else can be cut besides business cards?


More than 50 different finishes can be made using the optional slitter like two-fold point cards, shop cards, Perforated tickets, postal postcards with postcard-cuts and solid designs, solid flyers with cosmetic wipes and pocket tissue mounts etc. For details, please refer to the section below.
For the list of specificatons, clik here

質問What it the cut mode ?


This is a paper feeding program that cuts A4 paper with a cutter unit (guillotine blade) that is built in the machine with pre-programmed width (vertical direction).
Users cannot customize the card size. How to cut

質問What is a slitter unit?


It is a cassette unit fitted to the rear of the main body; and a round blade is fixed to the inside.The slitter unit cuts (slit) the card vertically, which has been cut into strips by the cutter unit located in the centre of the main body.

質問Is it possible to cut all business cards, postcards, leaflets etc on one unit?


PCM-15W Windows is sold with the standard slitter for EU standard Business Card installed.
(Center margin width 0 mm, 6 mm, 10 mm can be selected)
Optional slitters and optional product receiving are required for jobs other than Japanese standard business cards.

質問Can the position of perforations or scoring press be changed as required?


No, it cannot be moved as required. The blade position is fixed for each slitter unit. If you wish to have a pattern other than the pre-defined one, you can order for a customized slitter.    *Customized orders might not be accepted

質問What will happen if a breakdown occurs?


Please conact our distributor/agent

質問What is a cut mark?


The mark automatically corrects the cut start position of each sheet once the sensor detects a print deviation in longer side direction of the A4 sheet.
Even when there is no mark, it can be cut by manually adjusting the width of tip margin.

質問How difficult is it to replace the slitter unit?


There are no tools required to replace the slitter unit, it can be replaced easily with a single knob screw.

質問What is the durability of the blade?


The durability of the blade differs by upward and downward depending on various factors such as paper type, paper thickness, paper size, surface finish, toner density, cut mode, machine installation environment, and so on.
As one guideline, there is a record of cutting cutter: 5 million cut (single cut) with 100% pulp, fine pulp, fine quality, blank paper, Y eye, 165 g / m 2 test paper. Durability will be shortened if you cut a printed thick mount.
Durability of the slitter thin round blade is about 1.5 times the number of mounts that can be cut with the cutter blade.
There is no endurance guarantee of the blade.

質問Can laminated paper or tack seal sheet be cut?


This is out of scope of specifications as there are cases where the glue or the material sticks to the blade and the blade becomes blunt.
There are some types of media that can be cut, but it cannot be verified and guaranteed by the manufacturer.

質問 Can colored sheets be cut?


It is equipped with a paper detection sensor that can be widely used for the cutting of dark-colored sheets such as black and semi-transparent paper. (Not all colors can be supported. We recommend a good pre-validation.) You can also correct the position with white toner mark on black paper for auto-correction of the cut position (cut mark function).

質問What paper size is supported?


It corresponds to A4 size (297 mm × 210 mm), SR - A 4 size (320 mm × 225 mm),
EU postcard 4 - pack mount (148 mm × 105mm) .

質問Can the cut marks printed by an inkjet printer be read?


Although the inkjet cut marks can be read, the durability of the blade may decrease due to the effect of the solvent coated on the inkjet sheet.

質問Single cut and double cut will mistake cutting mode switching. Can not be unified with imposition of double cut (mode 3)?


The single cut (mode 1) has the following merit compared with double cut (mode 3).

  1. The number of cuts is about 1/2.
    (The running cost can be halved.)
  2. Electrostatic trouble (paper jam due to horizontal margin sticking) becomes almost zero, and the occurrence of waste paper is suppressed.
  3. The cutting speed increases and work efficiency increases.

Basically use cut mode 1, please use cut mode 3 only when design is necessary for cosmetic cutting.

質問Please tell me how to solve the gap of cuts in printing.


Please refer to "Troubleshooting measures for gap of cuts" in the trouble shooting room.
Troubleshooting room

質問If there is a problem?


If the above does not work, please contact our agent, distributor or the shop purchased at first.

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