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Features of PCM-15W

Core technologies PROSCUT is proud of Ultra-durable self-polishing blade mechanism

Imperishable and durable,interior self-polishing mechanism which no other tabletop cutter has ever achieved. Substantial reduction in running cost by the extended life of the blade, which is the core of a card cutting machine.


Core technologies PROSCUT is proud of Precision thanks to ceramic roller

Highly stable performance rollers allow for precise cutting and prevents paper from being misaligned due to wear and tear. Maintain accurate and precision with the card cutter ceramic roller which is carefully centered.

Core technologies PROSCUT is proud of Dramatically improved paper-conveying system. DTC (Different Timing Convey)

Paper-jam(s) are dramatically reduced, due to the internal DTC System,which controls timing on the conveyor rollers before and after cutting cards.

Core technologies PROSCUT is proud of Wide color option of paper and new cut mark sensor for white cutting mark

Significantly improved position cutting detector and automatic correcting by printing a black-colored cut mark on white paper for a precise cut.
High performance sensor is installed for great paper options such as dark,darkish and or translucent, with the capability to detect cut marks printed by white toner.

Innovative with a variety of features never seen before in other CARD CUTTERS.

Scoring and Perforating

13 type of interchangeable cutting cartridges for Point Cards, POP, Calendar and many more.

LED beam center gauge

LED light will assist you in aligning you aper in place at the exact center position of the feeder tray. No more time-consuming projects, with cutting test or wasting paper testing to the correct position.

Pendulum weight-shift control

Auto Adjusted Feeding pressure feeding pressure depends on the type of paper.Expanded tray for such type of paper(s) (thick, thin, coated and or anti-abrasion ) is available.

Rewind feeder to remove paper jam

Push one button to rewind feeder to easily remove jammed paper when the paper is stuck. You are unable to rewind, if the paper is jammed deep inside the feeding rollers and you are unable to also get to the jammed papaer from the feeding tray area.Please open the top pannel and remove. Rewind feeder to remove the paper jam.You have full access to the inside from the top panel.

Full access to inside from top panel

Full access to feeding area even feeding rollers for easy maintenance and removeal of paper jam.

Even for thin paper

Feed and cut thin copy paper, wrinkle free (no more wrinkled paper through the feeder.) Due to the capability and expanded card options on thin paper such as coupons cards and tickets. (Not all type of type paper.)

SR-A4 Size Paper Friendly

Application for both A-4 and SR-A4 (225/235mm x 320mm) paper. Apply and cut pre-printed SR-A4 size paper to your document or card specifications at a high speed cut rate without the visible white board boarders.

High Speed Cut.100 business cards per 45 seconds

100 business cards per 45 seconds High Class Speed in the category
※(Single Cut, not double cut)

Large size of waste bin

Large sized waste bin makes it simple to empty paper waste.


Due to the internal smooth operational design to absorb noise and vibration, it's perfect for office use environment.

Cut marks for cutting an exact line

Two types of cut marks are available depending of your preferred layout design.
Detect cut mark printed by white toner on dark colored paper.

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