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Static electricity trouble and measures

Why static electricity causes problems?

Why is static electricity an arch enemy of card cutters?
Metals like blades and paper are prone to static electricity, but that's not the only thing.

How a laser printer works?

The mechanism of a laser printer is to connect paper and toner and binds the two with strong static electricity.
Although the product PROSCUT is designed to resist the effects of static electricity, the paper printed from the laser printer has static electricity which may cause static electricity problems depending on the environment and conditions.

Examples of static electricity trouble

Paper jam Paper jams (error codes E002 or E006) some narrow horizontal margins of 2mm or 3mm are ejected together with the business card.
Cutting error The margin sticks to the cutter blade due to static electricity and does not fall off. The thickness of the paper increases partially by overlapping with paper which is fed later causing cuttingerror. The horizontal cut is partial and some portion remains stuck. The paper folds without being cut.
Cut Position and Defective Shape The margin sticks to the cutter blade due to static electricity and does not fall off.
It gets piled up with the papers that are fed later causing inaccurate output (slip or oblique) and uneven cut.

Conditions prone to static electricity concerns

  • The working environment is dry and low humidity, low humidity
    (Humidity below 50%, increase in static electricity issues)
  • Many solid designs (especially double-sided solid design)
  • Cut as soon as it is output from the printer.
  • Double-Cut (Cut Mode 2 or 3) used to open the horizontal margin (cut Mode 2)

To reduce static

Create an environment that is less prone to static electricity、it is important to discharge the generated static electricity as much as possible without charging paper or machine.

Keep indoor humidity
above 50%

For layout, business cards with monochromatic design that do not require trim cutting are cut with a single cut (Cut mode 1)

Mount the earth wire of power cord supplied with the machine.

If there is a change of color in the design and a trimming is necessary, use the cut mode 3 instead of the cut mode 2.

  • Mode two is the emergency evacuation mode when the design is missing in the nonprintable area of the laser printer. Do not use this mode.

Do not cut the paper that has just been printed, allow time for it to cool, and allow the static electricity to discharge into the air.

When paper feeding, sort the stack of layout sheets from all sides,and allow sufficient air between the sheets to blow off static electricity .

Do not use double-cut layout for the cards, when operating the plain (monochromatic) business card that does not require trimming as well as the solid design business card that requires trimming.
Use only single cut for the plain (monochromatic) business card.
In single, there is no horizontal margin, and paper jam due to static electricity reduces sharply, and the number of cuts between cards double with single cut = once, double cut = twice, and so on. The single cut is more economical because the blade lasts longer.

Place a damp cloth inside the margin box and cut after the humidity inside the margin box has increased sufficiently.(The humidity inside increases up to 60-70%)

Adjust paper feed pressure Move the weight of the paper feed tray support towards “MIN“ to weaken the paper feeding pressure.

Change cut speed
Switch the cut speed from high-speed mode(H) to low-speed mode(L).

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